Best Probiotics Review – Ohpana Naturals Probiotic with Potent PreBiotic

Best Probiotics Review. This will be a short video review of Ohpana Naturals Probiotic with a PreBiotic combo. You can pick up a bottle at:

So, let me tell you about the problem I was having before I starting using this product. Since i turned about 25, I started having more and more sensitivities with my digestion.
Earlier this last year, it got bad enough that I was starting to have symptoms similar to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I’ll spare you the details – you can google it).
As the founder of Ohpana Naturals, I knew that probiotics could really help me. So I started doing the research to build and source this probiotic that I knew would be safe, would be good for me to take daily, and would help with my digestion issues. A few months later this product was born.
The product has a 1 Billion CFU (that’s colony forming units and means that there are 1 billion live active cells at the time of manufacture). That’s good for me because it’s a nice gentle dose that I can take every day with any other supplements I have. I don’t have to worry about cycling it on or off or only taking it for a short time like some of the more potent probiotics on the market.
We also chose the Bacillus Coagulans strand of probiotics because it’s not heat sensitive. That means the product is shelf stable and doesn’t need to be kept in the refrigerator. This is really good for me, because I’ve tried a lot of the refrigerated probiotics… you know what my problem is? I FORGET TO TAKE THEM – because they are out of site, out of mind. These I can keep with my other daily supplements and I know I’ll get them into my diet.
This product also has a cool PreBiotic called FructoOligasaccharide. PREBiotics are basically ProBiotic food. The live cells feed on the PREbiotics and then they can rapidly expand in number. Hence the name “Colony forming units”. This is really good for me because I know that instead of taking some insanely high dose of ProBiotics, I can work with my body and use a gentle dose and let nature do it’s work to help cure my gut.
So, after adding this probiotic to my diet and making a key minor changes to my diet – mostly eating less wheat – I was able to completely reverse all of my mild IBS symptoms.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this to anyone whose looking for a good daily probiotic because it’s price is great, the quality is awesome, and most importantly… it really works for improving gut function.

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