Murrieta Chiropractic Review just want to do a quick review for Murrieta Chiropractic.


My wife and I try to be as natural as possible with all of our eating and healthcare needs. So when we moved to Murrieta, we started looking for a chiropractor for ourselves and our kids.


At the time I was all stuck up and having minor pains in my neck from not having been to a chiropractor in over a year and working at a desk all the time. I couldn’t even turn my head all the way to the side or sleep comfortably on one side because of my neck.


What attracted me to Dr Meyers office was the “Unlimited Chiropractic” options he has available where we can pay a simple small monthly fee and get our family seen as much as we need to. Which for our family is about once per week.


Dr Meyers and his Office Manager are very friendly and very family oriented. Our kids love the office because they have a bunch of toys for them to play with. If you asked our kids they’d tell you they love the chiropractor, though I suspect it’s more because he has toys at this office than they don’t have at home.


Dr. Meyers is also very knowledgeable about food and nutrition and helped me deal with some digestion issues I started having by making some small changes to my diet.


Overall, if you’re looking for a great chiropractor in Murrieta Ca, I can’t recommend Dr Meyers or Murrieta Chiropractic enough.


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