Paul Jarvis on Productivity and Growing Your Online Business


As creative entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to get stuck in the learning process and fail to push the needle by taking action.

Perpetuated by fear and criticism, the failure to launch a product can be crippling. We continually find ourselves spinning our wheels and getting stuck in a place that’s completely avoidable.

It’s a good thing we have pioneers and thought leaders in our space who speak encouraging words that help us take the leap of faith.

In this 32-minute episode of No Sidebar, host Brian Gardner and Paul Jarvis discuss:

  • What Paul enjoys doing more … designing or writing
  • The Creative Class course that Paul offers
  • Saying no to certain design projects
  • Taking the consumption of knowledge to the next level
  • Launch paralysis and how to get past it
  • Being afraid of everything as a creative person
  • How we use teasers to gauge the safety of shipping
  • Responding to hate mail and other criticisms


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