Key Takeaways from Three-and-a-Half Hours with Henry Rollins


Today, Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth close their quick, two-part series on takeaways from Authority Rainmaker by focusing on the lessons learned by listening to Henry Rollins.

Rollins, of course, gave the closing keynote at Authority Rainmaker.

He then spoke at the Boulder Theater the next night. Jerod was in attendance for both.

In this episode, Jerod and Demian recount their first Rollins live experiences and share what stood out most:

  • What made Henry Rollins such a perfect choice for the Authority Rainmaker closing keynote — whether or not people realized it beforehand
  • Why Henry Rollins is, much to Demian’s chagrin, a perfect embodiment of “choose yourself”
  • Jerod’s impressions of two-and-a-half more hours of Rollins the next night in Boulder
  • The importance of placing periods and exclamation points at the end of your plans — not question marks
  • How Henry Rollins is, in his own words, like a frozen yogurt machine
  • Demian’s two favorite quotes from Rollins’s closing keynote
  • Why Henry Rollins’s example is one to follow for anyone who wants to build an authentic, long-term connection with an audience
  • How Rollins prepares for each presentation

And then Demian ends the episode with … a poem about skinny jeans? You’ll just have to listen to find out the connection.

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