How to Deliver a Better Audio Experience to Your Audience


The podcasting gods sure had fun with this one.

Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor set out to create an episode about delivering a more remarkable audio experience to your audience … and then had to unexpectedly jump through every possible hoop to actually do it.

The end result is an episode that is ironic, meta, and immensely useful.

Over the course of about 20 minutes during the main topic of this episode of The Showrunner, Jerod and Jon discuss the following:

  • How Jon’s family trip to Vancouver started the audio misadventure — and gave him his first taste of the real-world audio frustrations most podcasters have to deal with
  • How a hoodie, a Johnny Cash t-shirt, and Jon’s experience as a punk rock drummer helped him combat a nasty echo in a hard, open room
  • How Jerod used socks and a blanket to combat wood floors, high ceilings, and blank walls and windows in his home office
  • Other more common options for getting good audio in a bad room
  • The incredible impact that the right microphone can make — if you can afford it

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