Building a Business at the Intersection of Art and Commerce


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is an artist, musician, and entrepreneur who made his first record when he was 12, began playing in clubs when he was 14, and started his own music publishing company at 18. Yeah.

His passion for music and technology led him to found the music licensing firm Rumblefish in his college dorm room. That company quickly achieved the industry’s first podcast license, a fully automated online music licensing store, and it inked a groundbreaking micro-licensing deal with YouTube.

Rumblefish became the largest music licensing company for independent music in the world and was acquired in 2014 by a private equity fund. Today’s guest was kept on as its President and CEO to lead it into its next phase of growth.

He is also a devoted member of the entrepreneurial and creative communities in the Pacific Northwest, as co-founder of popular guitar pedal company Spaceman, start-up accelerator Starve Ups, and TEDxPortland.

Now, let’s hack …

Paul Anthony Troiano.

In this 32-minute episode of Hack the Entrepreneur, host Jon Nastor and Paul Anthony Troiano discuss:

  • How perseverance became Paul’s greatest ally
  • Cultivating a constant process of letting go
  • Why building stuff is Paul’s perfect job
  • How Paul learned from the great people he surrounded himself with
  • Learning to fail fast and go faster

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