A Mildly Spooky Illustration of ‘Reason Why’ Copy


During the past four months, one of the things Demian Farnworth has been trying to experiment with is telling more stories. Historical stories, fake stories, personal stories.

See, what he’s trying to do is make the audio more visual. And he has found the best way to do that is to share stories. Illustrations. Anecdotes. Et cetera.

Audio really challenges your storytelling abilities because you must paint a vivid picture. You might have noticed a string of stories in the last few episodes of Rough Draft.

So, no surprise Demian has another one for you today.

It’s a made-up story, a parable, and the reason why he wants to tell this story is to illustrate a point he made a few weeks back, in the show on “Reason Why” copy. Demian wants to bring this point home for you.

Listen to this short story to discover:

  • The ultra-unique angle that makes a product, service, or idea stand out
  • How explaining the hook allows you to add credibility to your claims
  • The embarrassing genesis behind this story

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