All Great Writing Boils Down to These 4 Emotional Appeals


Great writers write to the emotions of their readers. And they focus on just four emotional appeals.

The appeal is the reason you give the reader to read, subscribe, donate, share, or buy. And the appeal is almost always expressed in the headline.

John Caples, in his book Tested Advertising Methods (a must-read for any copywriter), says that all effective advertising boils down to an effective appeal.

In this 6-minute episode of Rough Draft with Demian Farnworth, you’ll discover the top four:

  • Appeal one is for people who don’t want to be lonely, want to get married, and want their children to love them.
  • Appeal two is for people who want to win the lottery, buy the fastest motorcycle, or throw the best parties.
  • Appeal three is for anyone who fears getting laid off, being spied on by the government, dying, or losing a child.
  • Appeal four is for people who feel an obligation to their spouse, parents, country, or community.

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